What You Will Receive

You are the leading edge! You have the most powerful tool I have found! I am deeply grateful to you. My practice has taken on a whole new dimension!" ~ EK

  • Deep Meditation Audio

    How to Deeply Meditate

1) The 20-min Deep Meditation Audio Demo:


- Uses iNET: Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology
- Meditation audio with brain entrainment and energy medicine
- Persuasively yet gently envelops brainwave activity
- Interacts with the human biofield during guided meditations
- Facilitates effortless focus
- Advanced meditation technology
- Melts stress and aids emotional release
- Induces uncommonly deep meditation
- Makes learning how to meditate simple and easy


2) The Neuroscience of Meditation PDF Course:


- Written for the layperson
- More scientific info about meditation than most grad students know!
- Discover rare states of deep meditaton
- Learn how to direct the flow of energy in your brain
- The science of how to deeply meditate
- Introduces innovative meditation technology
- Powerful techniques for deepening your meditations
- How neuroplasticity can radically change your life
- The power of meta-awareness to create greater peace and joy
- A nutritional supplement that induces healthy Alpha brainwaves
- And much more









Disclaimer: The experiences of Profound Meditation participants mentioned on this page represent a few of many accounts shared with us through emails by participants of the Profound Meditation Program. As per rulings established by the Federal Trade Commission, however, we cannot guarantee that such experiences will be typical of all who participate in the program. As such, we recommend first sampling the free deep meditation audio demo for yourself before purchasing the program.


  • Profound and Subtle Shifts

    "The fact is that some profound and subtle shifts are happening - deepening into presence in meditation, a bodily sense of connectedness, decreased resistance to emotionally challenging tasks, an ability to ride out 'hard days' with more grace and openness, and the list is growing. A colleague of mine recently commented that she's noticed 'there's more Carl there.' Thank you so much for introducing me to this technology." ~ CB

  • Deepest Meditation

    "I received the profound meditation program a couple of days ago (just 2 days of listening so far) and my first reaction was WOW! incredible deepness and enjoyable (probably the deepest meditation i have felt so far) i thought i had gone quite deep with my own meditation and also using [another binaural program] which i enjoy, but this seemed quite special, well to me anyway it felt incredible during and after the session, also having the meditation tips in the manual is a great help. Excellent. Thank you." ~ SM

  • Life Changing Technology

    "The power of the Profound Meditation Program is evident upon first use.  This program took trauma, which I had stuffed deep down, and it helped me transform it into something that could help others.  One of the beautiful things about this is that even when I don't have access to my Profound Meditation Program, I can access deeper meditation more easily and quickly then ever before. My transformation is nothing short of miraculous and has helped me be a better mother, wife, sister, and daughter but there is still much work to do in all areas of my life.  Today I am grateful to have this life changing technology available and affordable for all who desire to transform their lives." ~ Stepheny, Colorado

  • Amazing

    "Hi Eric... Love profound meditation... Amazing! Have been using the full meditation CD every morning and evening... And the sleep CD every night, Love it also!" ~ JL

  • Deep and Powerful: How to Deeply Meditate

    "I must say, these tracks had most profound and sophisticated effects on me, than any other piece of your technology before . . . . I'm really amazed how deep and powerful effects they produce. You are doing a great job in developing the technology. I'm really excited to test new Realease tracks!" ~ AK



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